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v- vegan     gf- gluten-free     lf- low-fat    d- dairy-free
all recipes are vegetarian

fruits, flowers and vegetables

acorn squash pasties
beer-battered nasturtiums v
brussels sprouts with chili flakes v, gf, lf
cauliflower (mashed, with garlic and thyme) gf, v, lf
colcannon pizza gf
currant scones (with lemon curd)
date, fig and flax Irish soda bread lf
ginger garlic baked kale chips v, gf
kabocha squash frites gf, lf
napa cabbage stir-fry v, gf
pepper jack baked figs gf
perfect asparagus v, gf, lf
pesto tomato vodka cream sauce: the ultimate pasta sauce gf
portobello, roasted garlic and leek tart gf
RAW kohlrabi chips v, lf, gf
sage-roasted crab apple and cioppini antipasto gf, lf
sage stuffing
spicy coconut soupv, gf, lf
sprouts hash v, gf
starfruit, macadamia and gorgonzola salad gf
stuffed squash blossoms gf
vegetable ribbon pasta gf, v, lf, paleo

grains, nuts and protein

apple and asiago beautiful bread
egg and Welsh Rarebit soldiers
gratitude bowl v, gf, lf
herbed goat cheese gf, lf
honey-roasted walnuts gf, lf
mushroom ravioli with lemon, hazelnuts and browned butter
polenta with garlic fingerlings and preserved lemon gf
single-serving baked breakfast gf, lf
soft, blue corn tortillas
risotto alla Milanese gf
round sushi three ways gf, lf, v
tofu verde tacos


Beltane honey cakes
Bénédictine and chocolate æbelskiver
Bénédictine chocolate truffles
blackberry cardamom pavlova gf, lf
brown banana pots de crème gf
brown butter skillet brownies
candied Spring blossoms gf, lf
cardamom molten chocolate cakes with burnt sugar shards
cardamom rolls with goat cheese frosting
chocolate mousse with chili-caramelized plums gf
chocolate truffle-topped salted caramel pots de crème gf
cotton candy grape sorbet gf, lf, v
crystallized pine needles gf, lf
English summer truffles gf
flourless triple chocolate cake gf
global girl cookies
German chocolate cake truffles v, gf, rf
gingerbread cake
ginger date gems
grilled peaches with cardamom whipped cream  gf, lf
icebox pumpkin pie
maple walnut shortbread with sea salt
midnight linzer pie
orange blossom buttercream gf
pomegranate tapioca v, gf, lf
raw banana cream pie v, gf
sage + marmalade olive oil cake gf
salted Guinness caramel sauce gf
strawberries dipped in sucanat gf, lf
strawberry-rhubarb compote v, gf, lf
strawberry-rose tart
tea-infused madeleines gf
thumbprint cookies (just 1/2 dozen)
winter forest cake


flower nectar granita v
minty mock-aritas v
the red wedding v
the Scotch Whisky Experience Grand Smash v
turmeric chai
vanilla cake vegan shake v


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